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Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam

No matter what caliber of luxury apartment you are living in, eventually something will break. Whether it's a something as small as a sink leak or as large as a hot water bursting, as a renter, are you obligated to make repairs?  It depends on your lease, but at our apartments you are covered by our professional, trained maintenance team.  When you rent a house from an individual, sometimes you are responsible for repairs, or the landlord will send over a contractor.

We encourage you  to call in your work orders as soon as possible.  We really want to maintain your apartment as good as possible. It helps make our job easier at turn.  Nothing is worse than going in to turn an apartment and finding extensive damage because of a very small repair that was not called into the office.  Don't think that an issue is too small to report!

There are two kinds of work orders or "service requests", as we call them in the industry:

  • Non-Emergency:  These are the run of the mill, 'my sink is leaking' type service requests.  You can call these in at any time during the day or leave them on the voice mail at night.  We also have online service requests at most of our apartments for rent, or you can email them to us at each property.  A note on Non-Emergency calls: please leave as much detail as possible.  For example, if your sink is leaking, please indicate which sink, and whether it is leaking from the faucet or the drain.  The more information you provide, the more likely the maintenance team is to bring the proper equipment the first time, and take care of your issue promptly.

  • Emergency:  At our communities this is heat & A/C, depending on the temperature, clogged toilet if it is the only one in the apartment, fire,  and water leaks.  We have a 24 hour emergency team on call, so if your A/C breaks at 9 pm and it's still 90 degrees outside, which it can be here in Virginia, our team will come out.  We have a dedicated phone for this purpose that is passed along when the maintenance person is "on call". When you call our office after hours, you will be given the option to page maintenance, and they will call you back to assess the situation.

Our maintenance teams are very hard-working.  Not only do they respond to your calls in the middle of the night, but each day they handle 5-20 non-emergency requests each day , as well as "turning" an apartment (prepping it for new residents).  They also maintain the exterior and common areas of our communities including painting, cleaning curbs and debris, keeping the pool balanced, repairing gutters and downspouts, checking the fire sprinkler system and more.  We are very proud of the work they do and they are always willing to give our residents a hand in any way they can.

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Donje Putnam has over 15 years experience in the multi-family housing industry and has worked at many different types of apartment communities, from tax credit to high end and from 88 units to 400.  Her favorite thing about being in "the industry" is that you learn a little bit about everything!  She lives in Newport News, VA with her husband, two kids, a very calm dog, a very hyper dog and a very aloof cat. 


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