5 Inspiring Ways to Start the New Year

Friday, December 27, 2013 at 4:09 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts

Many of us struggle to get inspired and motivated to jumpstart the New Year, finding ourselves in the same old resolution ruts from years past. If you’ve been setting the same goals without making progress, or are ready for a total change in perspective, but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve made it our business to give you awesome insight and inspiration to charge you forward into your best year yet. We’ve polled our friends, surfed the Internet, sat in quiet contemplation, and come up with what we believe to be 5 Inspiring Ways to Start the New Year. Give them a check, and see if you don’t get a goose bump or two. Then, go for it, and get your New Year on…now! 

5 Inspiring Ways to Start the New Year:

  1. Start with what you love. Instead of setting goals to lose weight, save money or keep a cleaner kitchen, how about inviting yourself to make more time to do more of what you love? Are you passionate about running? Love to dance? Dying to get out and travel more? A movie fanatic? Obsessed with spending time with your closest friends? Do those things. And make it your highest priority. Promise yourself that this year, you’ll pour yourself into things that bring true joy to your life, and watch to see the astounding results. When we’re doing what we love, our lives seem to magically fall into a contented place.
  2. Be authentic in your ambitions. Get real. What do you really want for your career, health and personal life this year? Are you challenged in your current job? Do you need to shake up and spice up your fitness routine? Are you really, really open to new relationships? Take time to be honest with yourself about what you really wish to create in your life, and then be unwavering in your commitment to get it. If you’re on track to make partner, but that’s far from where you really want to be in your career, ask yourself: Where do I want to go? And get to work on getting there.
  3. Try one thing that really, really scares you. Choose to make this the year that you get out and conquer at least one, old, nagging fear. It just might be true that the things that scare us are usually the things we can learn the most by doing, and now is the time to see how much you can really grow. If you don’t know how to get started, begin by telling a trusted friend or colleague about your fear, and ask for support. Make your fear-squashing goal a group event, and invite friends or family to participate with you. Then, go for it!
  4. Make a written declaration. Put your goals in writing and post them where you can see them. Make a written declaration or goal statement that captures what you will commit to achieving, and consider sharing it with your community. Once we’ve put something in writing, it’s a lot harder to back out of, and once we’ve shared it with others, we begin truly holding ourselves accountable. Get out your black marker, and put yourself out there.
  5. Think less and go with gut more. Avoid overthinking what you want to accomplish this year and instead, stop, take a gut check and keep it simple: What do you already know you want and need? Make that your lighthouse and head in its direction, at all times. Sometimes, we get ourselves caught up in lofty ideals about what we should or shouldn’t be creating, and we lose sight of what it is we need to be successful. Stick with your center, and with what you know, and don’t turn back once you’ve caught sight of it.


Above all, allow yourself some space this year to reflect on all that you’ve already accomplished and achieved. Don’t forget the importance of self-acknowledgment and give yourself a high-five for getting here. And, of course, Happy New Year!  


About the Author

Mira Roberts studied writing at New York University, graduating with a BA in English Literature before pursuing a career in media, marketing and management with PARADE Magazine, Portfolio Magazine, AltDaily, skirt! and lululemon athletica. A full time mother, writing instructor and part-time freelance writer, Mira lives and laughs with her family in Norfolk, VA. 


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