10 Non-Traditional Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day

Monday, February 3, 2014 at 3:05 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts


Okay, so it’s true that Valentine’s Day can be kind of commercialized and a little overdone by the likes of our friends at Hallmark. There’s still something wonderful about celebrating a holiday that’s, well, all about love, regardless of whether you’re in or out of a romantic relationship.

Take the non-traditional route this year, and make the holiday your own. If you’re single, use the holiday as an opportunity to celebrate love for your friends and family (and, hey-even love for yourself!). If you’re coupled, surprise your partner with an authentic, unexpected take on your special day, and stay away from boxes of chocolates, red roses and the same old dinner out at your usual restaurant.

Here are just a few ways to make this Day of Love unique, and extra special this year.

If you’re in a couple…

  1. Try celebrating indoors this year, and avoid crowds and clichés. Select a menu of dishes you’ve been dying to try, and get in the kitchen and cook together. Spark up some romance the good, old fashioned way by simply creating quality, connected time together.
  2. Tell your love story. Visit blurb.com to create your very own love storybook by uploading photos, adding text, and binding the book in your own style. Your partner will love it, and you’ll enjoy taking a creative walk down your relationship’s memory lane.
  3. Sign yourself and your sweetie up for a couple’s massage. Relax and indulge as a couple, and take all of the work out of the process.
  4. Keep it simple. Has your other half been meaning to get her car washed, but can’t seem to get the time? Needing a new pair of running shoes? Oggling over a pair of jeans? Take care of it for them. It doesn’t have to be big, but showing that you notice their needs will make a big impact.
  5. Write her/him a love letter. Set aside some time to write a real, authentic letter of love to your honey. Tell them what you love about them, why you’re grateful to share your relationship, and all the reasons you respect and admire them.


If you’re single…


  1. Pamper Yourself. Needing some self-care and attention? Well, consider this your perfect day. Sign yourself up for a relaxing massage, pedicure or reflexology appointment, and make the day all about loving YOU.
  2. Throw a fondue party. Invite your favorite people over for cheese for dinner, and chocolate for dessert, and ask everyone to bring an item for dipping. 
  3. Throw a potluck dinner party! Invite your friends over and ask them to cook their favorite dish. Ask everyone to vote anonymously on their favorite dish, and award the winner with a box of chocolates, or some other fun token to mark the date.
  4. Head out for hot sauce! Grab your friends and head over to your nearest Mexican restaurant, where couples are sure to be scarce. No one can feel lonely when surrounded by bright sombreros, warm Queso dip and spicy, hot fajitas. 
  5. Send a love letter. And not to the gal at the office you’ve been thinking about. Send out notes of appreciation and love to those you respect, admire and love. Start with a family member who you know will appreciate the thought, or maybe a close friend who has helped you through tough times. Take time to send love and gratitude to those who deserve it.

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