Job Hunting from your Apartment.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 6:00 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam
Job Hunting from your Apartment.

Times are hard these days and a good job can be hard to find, whether it’s your first position out of college, or you’re transitioning from the military.  Job hunting from an apartment is really no different than job hunting from a house, but you may have a couple of extra resources you did not think of!  Here are some tips for job hunting from your apartment:


  1. Networking:  You have neighbors; they have jobs!   Some of them might be in a position to hook you up with an interview or even be in charge of hiring.  Your apartment community office is a good resource for putting out your resume, or at least the fact that you are looking for a job.  Many a resident has even worked for our company after living on our properties.  Our community managers might even be willing to have a job hunting opportunity event at our clubhouse, so if you are looking, why not suggest that?

  2. Set up a Space:  Set apart a quiet work area where you have everything you need to concentrate and compose your resume and cover letter.  Turn off your Facebook notifications and get to work.  You should customize your cover letter and possibly your resume to each job for which you apply.  If you don’t have room or quiet, our communities offer business centers with computers that you can use.  We usually have a printer, copier, and fax as well.

  3. Market yourself:  In our industry, we reach out to local businesses nearby our communities.  This is good practice in job hunting as well.  You may not find a job directly, but you may find someone who knows someone looking.  Our communities are all located within walking distance of shops, businesses, churches and other opportunities for you to put your name out in the business community.

It’s very stressful to look for a job, and we hope these tips have helped!  Have a propsperous and successful 2014!

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Donje Putnam has over 15 years experience in the multi-family housing industry and has worked at many different types of apartment communities, from tax credit to high end and from 88 units to 400.  Her favorite thing about being in "the industry" is that you learn a little bit about everything!  She lives in Newport News, VA with her husband, two kids, a very calm dog, a very hyper dog and a very aloof cat. 


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