11 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

Friday, March 7, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts

Spring Cleaning

Daylight Savings Time is upon us, bringing more daylight, sunshine and the promise of warm, blooming, outdoor landscapes. Before you dash out to enjoy all that Mother Nature is sure to create, take time to refresh your indoor space, and shake out the stale winter chill with a hearty Spring Cleaning.

After three long, cold months spent indoors, it can be hard to know where to start, so we’ve made a list of 11 easy tips to get your home fresh and glowing again. Make your entry into the new season a bright one. Throw on your favorite music, turn off your electronics and get into the promise of April at home! Once you’re finished, you’ll be more than ready to get up, get out and get some bright, Spring sun!

Here are 11 handy tips to get your started:

  1. Dust. Dust vents, light fixtures, shelves, baseboards, lampshades and anything that collects dust. You’ll be surprised how simple dusting will quickly pump up and brighten up your space.
  2. Change your bedding and flip your mattress. Replace heavy blankets and flannel sheets with cooler cottons and lighter blankets/comforters. Remember to flip your mattress seasonally to preserve its life and save your back!
  3. Change out your wardrobe. Unpack summer clothes boxes, and pack up heavy coats, sweaters and sweatshirts. Pack winter clothes securely and store neatly in closet or storage spaces, or beneath your bed.
  4. Vacuum and shampoo carpets, and mop floors. Get the gunk out of your rugs, and be sure to shake out dust and dirt, then vacuum and shampoo spots that need it.
  5. Clean out your makeup bag and medicine cabinet. Throw out old, used and expired products and freshen up for sunshine. Make sure to keep stocked in sunscreen.
  6. Wash windows and windowsills, and clean and dust blinds and curtains. Curtains and blinds store gobs of hidden dust/crud that neither you nor your family wants to breathe. Freshen the air immediately, and clean on and around your windows!
  7. Launder throw pillows and blankets. After a season of cuddling indoors, they’re sure to need a scrub! Give your furniture a good wipe down and vacuum, shampoo any spots or items that need it.
  8. Sort and organize books, magazines and extraneous paperwork. Move books and magazines to shelves, and throw out/recycle unwanted paperwork/mail.
  9. Sweep porch, walkway and patio spaces and clean/replace your welcome mat. Prepare to be outside by freshening up your most used outdoor spaces!
  10. Wipe down fan blades, organize and wipe down utility closet space/pantry spaces and search for those hidden gunk zones that need occasional refreshening!
  11. Replace/wash shower curtain liners and deep clean your tub. Put some elbow grease into your sink and bathroom fixtures, and see yourself in a new light!

A new, warm season is FINALLY here. Enjoy and yes, get out and celebrate Spring as soon as possible. You’ve worked hard this winter, and we know you deserve this delicious change of outdoor pace!

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