10 Best Indoor Plants for Your Apartment

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts

Keeping live greenery in your home goes a long way to improving your quality of life. Not only do plants improve the air quality in your home (it's true, we promise), but they brighten up the space they're in, and add warmth and color to almost any room in your apartment.

If you've got two black thumbs (no shame!), but you still want to keep your home fresh and alive with greenery, here are a list of plants that are bound to do the trick. We chose these plants because they don't require exorbitant amounts of maintenance, and they are proven to improve indoor air quality.


  1. Aloe Vera. This easy to grow plant will do nicely in any windowsill (perfect for a kitchen windowsill, if possible). It clears out byproducts of chemical based cleaners and paint.
  2. Spider Plant. It's pretty hard to kill these guys, since they don't require much light or maintenance. They also work to clear out the byproducts of chemical based cleaners, paints, as well as carbon monoxide.
  3. Snake Plant. This is one of the best plants for filtering formaldehyde, and requires little to no light, and won't be bothered by humidity.
  4. Golden pothos. This lovely vine plant stays green, even when kept in the dark. It also filters formaldehyde, and will look beautiful overflowing from a hanging basket, anywhere in your home.
  5. Warneck Draecaena. This plant grows easily without direct sunlight, and tackles pollutants from varnishes and oils.
  6. Chinese Evergreen. The chinese evergreen will produce blooms and berries with barely any light, and is easy to grow without much fuss. It also filters a large variety of air pollutants.
  7. Bamboo Palm. Another great plant for indoors with low light, this plant, also called the reed palm, filters a variety of air pollutants and will sit nicely in a pot almost anywhere in your home.
  8. Rubber Plant. With dark, burgundy foliage, these plants offer a nice contrast to other plants/decor in your home, and they survive on very little light. They also work to remove formaldehyde from your home.
  9. Peace Lily. These plants require shade and once weekly waterings to thrive, but that's about it. They also go after formaldehyde.
  10. Braided Ficus Tree. Though large in size, they are well suited for apartments with higher ceilings. The braided ficus tree is easy to maintain and will do best in the corner of a room, near to a window.


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