More Spring Cleaning Tips!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 2:09 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam
More Spring Cleaning Tips!

Very few folks like cleaning, but there is something about spring that just makes you want to freshen up your apartment home, your car and maybe your life!  We've been closed up all winter, time to open the windows, let the sunshine in and get to work! We've gathered some links for great spring cleaning tips and checklists:

  • From Martha, the queen of cleaning and organization comes this PDF Spring Cleaning Checklist, which includes tips such as washing your window screens and dusting fridge coils.  For your window screens here in Hampton Roads, Virginia, you might as well wait a couple of weeks until the pollen dies down--there is no sense cleaning them now!
  • We've also grabbed some information specifically about cleaning out your pantry.  I know I have had a bag of pea soup mix my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas in there for two years.  I don't like pea soup.  I should give or throw it away but I can't seem to let it go!  Help!
  • From Family Handiman a slideshow of tips on how to clean the interior of your car, which includes common sense tips on how to get your car interior looking sparkly and new again, and from Popular Mechanics, we have the details on getting that exterior... well, detailed.  If you live at our Norfolk apartment community, Archer's Green or our Hampton community Signature Place, then you will have access to our car wash facilities on site.  No excuses. :)
  • Finally, we've got a few great organizational tips on our Pinterest.  That was my New Year's Resolution (oops)!  But seriously, one key to keeping your home or car clean is to have it organized and clutter free.

One final tip:  cleaning and organizing is a lot easier with a little distraction.  If you like books, try downloading an recorded book to listen to as you clean.  You'll find it easier to work longer, especially if it's a really good book.  If you are not a reader, how about turning the TV on to something you can just listen to and committing to cleaning for the entire show? Or make a "car detailing playlist" on your ipod?

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