Top Five Places to find Moving Boxes

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 3:08 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam
Top Five Places to find Moving Boxes

One of the biggest pains about moving into your new apartment is finding boxes and packing.  We've scoured the neighborhood to find the best places for you to get boxes.

First of all a quick tip.  We see so many people move into our community and then get rid of things...try purging as you pack.  If you call many of the thrift shops they have trucks to pick up donations that will take your junk without you having to transport it.

  1. Your friendly leasing office:  We have people moving in and unfortunately out all the time.  We would love to be a source for recycling and reusing boxes within our community.  Let us know if you have boxes to give or need boxes.
  2. ABC stores:  These are the perfect boxes for books and knick-knacks as they are small enough not to get too heavy when full of books and you can stack them.
  3. Grocery stores:  You have to catch them after they've unpacked and before they break down the boxes and throw them out, but this is a great source and they are everywhere.
  4. U-Haul:  I hate to pay for boxes, but there are some times when you need a "wardrobe" box or certain sizes.  U-Hauls and other moving places sell boxes.
  5. Family Dollar:  You can get boxes just like above at the grocery store, but they also sell plastic bins for really cheap, and if you are packing away attic items, or summer/winter clothes, why not use a bin for neat & organized storage at your new apartment in Hampton Roads? Take a moment to go through your collectables and store them neatly in clear bins for future unpacking ease.

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