Our Tool List

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 3:09 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam
Our Tool List

A great advantage to living in an apartment is the maintenance free lifestyle.  You don't need a lawn mower, saw, trimmer, weed whacker, snake, or a lot of other tools that homeowners have to have on hand.  However, there are some simple tools that will help make your life easier in any apartment or rental home.

Phillips Head and Standard Screw Drivers.

If you are unhandy, you might not realize there are two basic types of screw drivers, with two different tips.  The one with a tip like a line is a Standard, and the tip that looks like an "x" is a Phillips.  You will want various sizes of these on hand, from the tiny ones that you might use to open a watch or tighten glasses screws, to one big enough to tighten the screws on the knobs on your dresser.

A hammer.

Not only is that a catchy tune by Peter, Paul and Mary, but it's a handy tool.  You'll use it for hanging pictures and putting together furniture you may have purchased.  You will want to have picture hooks/hangers along with your hammer.  Our communities allow you to use picture hangers and nails to make your apartment your own!

A Level.

You've got your hammer and picture hangers, and now you want to hang a few pictures in a line or design.  A level will help you make sure they are all straight.  You can also use it to hang shelves straight in your closet or bathroom, so that your shampoo doesn't tip over.  Our maintenance teams will hang shelving for you if you have purchased it, but if you are a DIY type of person, a level will be very helpful.

An Allen Wrench.

Usually one of these come with furniture requiring assembly.  It looks like an "L", and has a hexagonal tip.  I know you tossed the ones that came with your furniture (unless you are super organized and taped it to the bottom), so having a set will allow you to tighten the bookcase up after you move it across the room and knock it askew.

A Measuring Tape.

It's not like you are going to measure a 2x4 and cut it with your table saw, but a measuring tape can help you determine if your couch will fit in the alcove, or if the book-case fits beside the door.  It's just a handy tool to have before you start moving furniture around.  And you can also measure your kids growth or your feet. :)

A Plunger.

You can always call maintenance for a toilet back up, but if it isn't the only bathroom in your apartment, then it is not considered an emergency, so they might not come out right away.   And who wants to wait to have that situation taken care of?  You can take care of it really easily most of the time if you have a plunger on hand.  You can also plunge sinks and tubs when they back up.

So head down to Home Depot, Lowe's or your local hardware and pick up these few tools to make your apartment life easier.  What other tools would you recommend apartment renters have on hand?

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