It's Easy Being Green, I don't care what Kermit says!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 3:07 AM | Posted By: Donje Putnam
It's Easy Being Green, I don't care what Kermit says!

Green is in y'all. It's so very hip to be a green community or use green products and we at Signature Management are making the effort.  Our own Archer's Green Apartments in Norfolk received a 2012 Environmental Stewardship Award.  Here are some ideas and suggestions on living green in an apartment:

1.  Take a bag.  Check out the cute bags that Monticello at Powhatan gives as move in gifts.  Throw it in your car and use it instead of a plastic bag.  Plastic bags are really bad for the environment, and heaven knows they are flying around everywhere.  Target and Kroger will give you a .05 discount for using recyclable bags!

2.  Take a walk.  All of our communities are conveniently located for you to walk to shopping.  It's not easy when you are going out for a week's worth of groceries, but if you are just going for a couple items, why not save some gas and help the environment and walk?

3.  Use fewer chemicals.  By making your own window cleaner, general purpose cleaner, furniture polish, etc, you can not only be gentler on the environment, but you save money.  Recycle a bottle with your own recipe and you are doing even more!  Here is a great link to ways you can use vinegar to clean your entire house!

4.  Scoop the poop.  We all know that dog waste is gross, but when left on the ground, it is also not very good for the environment.  It contains a lot of germy bacteria that goes into our waterways when it is left.  So take 15 seconds and do your part for the community and the environment.  And for my kid's shoes, because he will step in it, no matter where it is!

5.  Recycle.  Many of our communities offer recycling.  Take advantage of the service and separate out your cans and cardboard to go to the recycling center.  If you live in a community that does not offer services, many social groups and churches will collect recycling for you.

We hope you will try some of these easy tips to live green in 2013.  We're going to try as well!  In our offices, we are helping out by using both sides of the paper and moving slowly but surely to email notifications. We're offering online payment, which does not generate any paper, and we try to collect bottles for recycling at each site.

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