10 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts

December is here, which means gift giving season is now! If you’ve put off your holiday purchasing until now, and find yourself uninspired, pressed for time or short on cash or creative ideas, don't fret! We've got you covered.

Get going on any one of these Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas, and get back into the swing of the season with confidence. We know you want to come up with bold new ways to delight your favorite loved ones, and we understand that you’re time is limited and in demand, so we’re taking the hard work out of it. Check out our hot list, below, and breathe a sigh of relief! 

10 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas


  1. Frame favorite photos. You’ve been stockpiling awesome shots of your loved ones inside your smartphone, and now is the time to break them out. Pick up an appropriate frame at a nearby store (quick and easy!), and either print on photo paper at home, from your photo library, or take your phone and USB port up to your local drug store and quick print on the go.

  2. Bake it up! Do a few quick searches online for holiday cookies, pies or treats, make a list of necessary ingredients and spend a slow Sunday afternoon filling your home with the warm and fragrant scents of the season. Baked goods are ALWAYS appreciated, and they show you’ve taken time and care to prepare. Plus, you’ll only need to take one quick trip to the grocery store in order to produce a bevy of sweet treats for a variety of loved ones.

  3. Make their movie night. Pick up a Redbox gift certificate and a couple of boxes of popcorn, and bam, you’ll have made someone’s movie night.

  4. Homemade vouchers and coupons. Do not discount the cleverness of a handmade promise and commitment (IN WRITING) for a dinner date, car wash, wine night out with the girls or a picnic brunch. Grab some bright colored paper and get your stencil on, be creative, or just keep it simple and state what you’re promising to give/do for your special someone.

  5. Hot cocoa in a jar. Search the internet for great homemade cocoa recipes, and stock up on mason jars. Fill the mason jar with layers of cocoa powder, sugar, powdered milk, salt and chocolate chips, tie a festive bow around the lid, and voila!

  6. Spa day. Make a quick stop by your nearest, local salon or spa, and pick up a gift certificate for a spa package that will suit your sweetheart or special someone. Remember: EVERYONE LOVES THE SPA.

  7. Concert or sporting event tickets. These can typically be bought online, and you can print out a voucher or proof of your purchase to stuff into a stocking, or wrap up inside a box!

  8. Donate to a local charity. Trying to buy for someone who already has everything? Consider donating to their favorite local charity in their name. They’ll appreciate being part of contributing to an organization that they really care about, and you’ll be part of giving on a larger scale.

  9. Magazine subscription. Are you best friends with a foodie who doesn’t want to shell out the cash for a subscription to Food and Wine Mag? Why not do it for them? You can purchase subscriptions online, and print out proof of purchase for last minute giving ease!

  10. Gifts of the month. Sign them up for a wine club, cheese club, beer club, or pastry club of the month (we might have made that last one up). These are easily found online, and usually require a 3 month commitment that your loved one can later choose to continue or not. Indulge them and make it last!

Most of all, make time to share yourself with your loved ones this season. Happy Holidays to you all!


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