Declutter Your Home for the New Year

Sunday, December 6, 2015 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts

The end of another year is coming to a close, making it a perfect time to clear out the old and make room for all things new. Starting the year off with a clear physical space will support a clearer mental space, and help to keep you organized as you work toward your new year's resolutions. Whether it's overstuffed closets and cabinets, or jumbled furniture and crowded rooms you're up against, if you're ready to clear out clutter at home, we've got tips to help get you there.

Letting go of old stuff can sometimes feel overwhelming and even emotional. After all, our clutter is usually made up of things we once thought would serve us well. To help get your process moving and keep you from falling off track, start with a clear plan of action, a deadline and goals. Begin by focusing on specific areas of your home that need organizing, or perhaps commit to decluttering your wardrobe, only. Choose to break your process down into parts so that you aren't gutting your space in one day or over the course of one long weekend.

Clear a path toward your goals, both physically and mentally, and eliminate clutter in your home, one step at a time. Use these simple steps to get started, and find your home and your head space cleared out just in time for a brand new year.

  1. Give yourself a deadline. Holding yourself accountable is important when it comes to personal projects. After all, no one else (except maybe your spouse or roomate) will reprimand you if you decide to give up halfway through. Set a date for the completion of your project and work backward. What do you need to accomplish each day or week between now and your end date in order to reach your goal?
  2. Identify what needs clearing out (be specific). Is your wardrobe overflowing? Are your kitchen cabinets a mess? Is your hall closet unsafe for opening? Identify areas in your home that need work, and commit to clearing them out.
  3. Decide what you want to do with your extra stuff. Do you prefer to donate? Sell? Move to a storage space? Give to a relative? Throw away?
  4. Just do it. Block out time on your calendar and go. You have to start somewhere, so gather your materials (boxes, bags, etc.), open up that junk drawer and begin sorting. Items you must keep can stay, and items you haven't worn or used for long periods of time must go.
  5. Pack it up and move it out. Once you've identified items that are causing clutter, do the actual decluttering, and remove those items from your home. If you're donating, pack boxes up and deposit them at your chosen location. If you're selling them, post them in the appropriate place for sale. Remember your deadline and keep going.
  6. Clean. Now that your space is clear, grab your cleaning supplies and clean the gunk off your formerly crowded spaces. Wipe down cabinet walls and shelves and vacuum out dusty closets.
  7. Organize. Put a little method into your madness, now that you've downsized and cleaned. How can you better organize your bedroom closet to keep clothes neat and orderly? Is there a better system for storing dishes, cleaning supplies, books or patio furniture?
  8. Celebrate. Congratulations! You did it. Reward yourself! You dug in and let go of what you no longer needed. You and your home are now ready for a new year. Make it a great one!


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