5 Things to Talk About With Your Management Team Before You Move In

Friday, August 18, 2017 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts
5 Things to Talk About With Your Management Team Before You Move In

You've finally found your perfect apartment home, signed your lease and are preparing for your big move-in day. You've toured the property, checked out the resident reviews and chosen your stylish and functional floor plan. You've called movers, picked up boxes and started picking out new decor and design items to bring your own personal touch to your new home. While you're probably feeling like you have all of your ducks in a row and you're ready to move, there are a few things we recommend you talk about with your new management team, first.

Let's face it, moving is work and requires a lot of organization, paperwork and energy. It's easy for a few things to get lost in the shuffle, like making sure you understand the ins and outs of your lease, or the basics of communicating with your management or maintenance teams. Before you move, we suggest that you understand the terms of your lease, including what to do when it ends, or what to do if problems arise while you're there. It's no fun preparing for the worst, but in the event that you may need to leave early for work or deployment, you'll want to know what your options are.

Here are 5 things we recommend you talk about with your management team before your move.

How do I terminate my lease early, if needed? What kind of notice do I need to give, and what fees will apply?
Life happens, and there are situations that prevent a person or persons from completing their lease agreement as planned. In the event that you have to break your lease before it has ended, you will need to give 30 days notice in writing, and plan to pay 2 months of additional rent as a penalty fee. We encourage our residents to communicate with us in advance if they suspect they may need to terminate their lease early, so that we can help them find additional solutions, or prepare them properly for the early lease termination process.  

What happens at the end of my lease? What notice do I need to give when it's time to end to my lease?
As you near the last 3-6 months of your lease, you should begin thinking seriously about whether you prefer to stay in your apartment or move. Depending upon your work situation, changes in lifestyle or even desire to downsize or upsize, you may find that it's time to terminate your lease, or to renew it for another 12 months. Whatever you do, you will need to come to the office and communicate your plans in writing, 60 days before the end of your lease. You may choose to terminate your lease or renew, but if you don't give 60 days notice in writing, your lease will move to month-to-month, and additional monto-to-month fees will apply.

What will happen if I'm not happy in my apartment?
If you are unhappy in your apartment, it is important to communicate your issues immediately with your property management team. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced problem-solvers, and we want our residents to be happy in their homes. If you express dissatisfaction within your first 15 days, we can move you to another apartment on the property with no penalty fees. After 15 days, penalty fees may apply. Of course, before we move you, we would want to do everything in our power to resolve any issues you have in a timely fashion, so that you can avoid the inconvenience of having to move yourself, your furnishings and your pets or family members.

What is the best way to communicate my issues or problems in my apartment?
Every member of your leasing and management team is trained to deal with resident issues. Generally, your leasing consultant is the first person you should contact when having issues with your apartment. If your issues are account-related, it is most prudent to contact your assistant manager first, as they handle all account issues. If you find that you need the additional support of your property manager for particularly challenging or complicated issues, it is always appropriate to contact them and ask to set up a time to sit down and review your problems. 

What is the turnaround time on work orders?
Our maintenance teams are dedicated to providing fast, effective service to all of our residents, and are required to respond to a work request within 48 hours. While some work orders may require the use of outside vendors to be completed, our maintenance team will have your issue evaluated with an action plan in place within that 48 hours. Some work orders may require up to 72 hours to be completed, with most work orders being addressed and resolved within a 48 hour time frame.

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