Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Apartment

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Autumn in Coastal Virginia is one of the most briliant and beautiful of the four seasons we enjoy. Our outdoor landscapes look almost professionally designed, with bright, colorful foliage bursting out in hues of gold, yellow, orange and burnt red. In fall, you can step outside your front door and find charming pumpkins, crisp breezes and spectacular sunsets to give you instant inspiration and seasonal cheer.

Give your apartment a fall decorating makeover this year, so that it complements the gorgeous outdoors, all around you. Whether you're already a DIY expert crafter, or you prefer easy over elaborate, we've compiled a list of fall decorating ideas for your apartment to meet your specific needs. Fall mantle ideas, colorful centerpieces and beautiful leaf garlands will bring the beauty of the season outside, inside, making this a fall you won't forget! 

Chalkboard Mantle
We're downright giddy about this fun mantle idea that can be quickly and easily adjusted throughout the year to fit the season. Start with a simple chalkboard (we recommend framing one to match your existing home decor), and write an autumn quote on it before placing it above your mantle. Place pumpkins and fresh wheat in vases around it, and voila! Your chalkboard mantle is here. For more details, check out this simple tutorial.

Autumn Centerpiece
Simple, bright and easy to adjust throughout the season, we love this beautiful autumn centerpiece from Martha Stewart. Simply gather up bright orange fruits and vegetables, including small pumpkins, orange peppers, squash, kumquats, persimmons and oranges and place them in a white, ceramic bowl. Position at the center of your table, and poof! Autumn has arrived for dinner tonight!

Carve Your Own Mum-kin
While this design idea may take a bit more work and time, the results will be well worth the investment! Instead of placing simple mums in pots by your front door, carve out a tall and wide pumpkin and refashion it as a planter to make a mum-kin! These simple instructions from Southern Living make this idea a reality! 

Pumpkin Votives
Leave it to Martha Stewart to come up with this beautiful, simple and easy-to-prepare design idea that will create a timeless centerpiece or fall accent in your home. Simply choose pale colored pumpkins in a variety of sizes, chop off the tops and scoop out the flesh. Place LED candles inside for a glowing decoration that is more elegant than spooky.

Colorful Leaf Garland
This beautiful garland is a no-sew project and is reusable! It does require a bit of handiwork, and may require more time, so we recommend this design idea for those who truly enjoy a little DIY. Gather up harvest colored fabric scraps, an embroidery needle, an iron, scissors, floss and fusible interfacing, and you'll be stringing up a colorful, bright and charming fall garland for use, year after year.



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