Pool Safety Tips for All Ages

Thursday, May 24, 2018 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts
Pool Safety Tips for All Ages

Now that pool season is upon us, we love to see our residents out enjoying our beautiful, community pools with their loved ones and neighbors. In summer months, our school-aged residents especially love spending afternoons swimming and playing with friends, and our residents can trust that we always keep a lifeguard on duty for the safety of all swimmers.

Pool safety does extend beyond the presence of our certified lifeguards; in fact, it’s also crucial to make sure that you and your family members take responsibility for keeping everyone in your care safe and protected while at the pool. Pool safety includes learning basic swimming skills, and never leaving children or inexperienced swimmers unattended. It also means teaching the buddy system, informing babysitters and other caregivers of pool rules and safety techniques and avoiding time at the pool after consuming even one alcoholic beverage.

Summer and pool season are all about getting outside, soaking up the sun and having fun, and we want this to be your best pool season yet! Here are pool safety tips to help you and your family members swim safely, all season long!

Supervision At All Times
The most important and first rule of pool safety is to never leave a child or an inexperienced swimmer alone (even experienced swimmers need a buddy and supervision, depending upon the circumstances). Don’t rely on flotation devices, life vests or the lifeguard to keep track of your child in the pool. Ensure that all swimmers in your care are under close supervision, and prevent accidents and injuries from happening.

Invest In Lessons
Investing in basic swim lessons is well worth it, especially if you plan to spend time at the pool this summer. Learning skills like how to float, tread water and blow bubbles will help a child to become more comfortable in the water.

Buddy System
When in doubt, use the buddy system in the pool at all times. Instruct buddy pairs to keep eyes on one another at all times and to stick together, even in shallow water. This will help to have someone close who can immediately call for help should an issue arise.

Babysitters & Caregivers
Instruct babysitters and caregivers of pool rules and safety measures, and make sure that anyone in the care of your child prioritizes supervision at all times. Make sure to send your child to the pool with a caregiver who knows CPR and fully understands the dangers of swimming without supervision.

No Glass or Breakables
Glass and breakables don’t belong anywhere near a pool, where bare feet are abundant! Make sure to keep all breakable toys and glass bottles at home, and prevent cuts and injuries that can easily be avoided by choosing plastic containers only.

Limit Horseplay
We know the kids like to run and play, especially when school’s out for summer. It’s important to limit horseplay both inside and around the pool area, to prevent an accident, a fall or even an injury. Since bare feet are everywhere at the pool, it’s easy to lose balance and get hurt. Instruct your little ones on how to behave at the pool before you arrive, so they can show up to the pool with clear rules and enjoy their time outside.

Alcohol Awareness
If you plan to swim, plan to save your alcoholic beverage for after you’ve returned home. Even one drink is too much when it comes to pool safety, and you’ll want to be alert and focused should any issues arise. Be mindful of visiting pool parties that include alcohol, and refrain from drinking even a sip until your pool time has come to an end. Safe alcholo awareness at the pool means absolutely no alcohol consumption while swimming, so be smart and keep you and your family members safe!

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