End of Summer Declutter

Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 12:00 AM | Posted By: Mira Roberts
End of Summer Declutter

As summer begins to wind down, and you begin setting your sights on fall, purge clutter and unnecessary items from your home to create a clean slate for a new season. This fall may look very different from any falls before, with your children learning virtually and both you and your roommate or partner also working virtually.

Keeping a clean, clear space to learn and work from will be essential to your success during these unusual times. Whether your clutter looks like toys strewn about everywhere and overfilled closets or stacks of papers and unopened mail covering your dining or coffee table, now is the time to tidy it up and move it out.

Whenever a season ends, it sets the stage for a refresh in your home, and the end of summer marks a huge transition in the clothes you wear, the activities you engage in and the way you use your living spaces. Here are simple tips to help you declutter your space with ease, so you can have a successful and stress-free autumn at home.

Beach Bag
You’ve probably gotten a lot of use out of your beach bag this summer, but as August comes to an end, it’s time to empty it out and wipe it down. Remove old sunscreens, sandy pool noodles, toys, goggles and play items. Toss what is expired, grimey or spoiled, and save what you can. Wash beach towels in hot water, rinse out sandy flip flops and neatly pack away and store your beach supplies for next summer.

Summer Clothes/Accessories
We know there are still a few weeks left of sundresses, sandals and summer hats, but now is the time to consolidate your summer clothes and accessories and prepare to pack them up until next year. Old bathing suits can be tossed, and sundresses that didn’t get used or no longer fit can be donated. Most of your sandals or flip flops, hats and visors can also be tossed, donated or packed away to make space for cooler weather clothes and accessories.

Makeup Bag
Empty out the contents of your makeup bag and wipe out the interior to remove gunk, powder or spilled makeup from the lining. Toss old or spoiled makeup and chapsticks, and replace them as needed.

End of summer is a good time to tidy up your paperwork, organize your files and get your important documents in order. Moving into fall means preparing for holidays, and after that comes tax season. You’ll want to have your affairs in order so you can properly budget, plan and access necessary documents easily when you need them. Toss old junk mail, file important documents and consider investing in a hanging or rolling file cabinet that you can use to stay organized throughout the year.

Medicine Cabinet
Your medicine cabinet likely looks different in spring and summer than it does in the fall and winter. Toss or tidy up old allergy medications and nasal sprays, throw out expired medications and stock up on medications you know you may need during cold and flu season.

Go through your pantry shelf by shelf and throw out spilled, expired or spoiled products. Check the dates on all condiments to ensure they’re still safe to consume, tossing what isn’t. Consider donating canned goods and other unused non-perishables to a local food shelter. Finally, take inventory of what remains, and replace expired items on your next grocery order.

Your patio or balcony probably got a lot of use this past spring and summer, and it’ll still get good use this fall. For now, give it a thorough cleaning, washing pillow covers and throw blankets, spraying down furniture and tossing broken strings of lights, etc. As seasons change, you may have plants that need to be brought indoors during winter months, and your decor choices may change as autumn approaches.

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